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Rodent Control Services

Zephyrhills Pest Control Services

Rodents roaming freely all over your home, and you don’t know what to do?Don’t worry. We have the license to kill all those uninvited guests who are bugging you in your own home.

At Outsmart Pest Management, we offer proficient and hassle-free solutions to make your home mouse and rodent free effectively and in no time. We provide premium-grade rat and rodent removal service to our customers residing in Land O Lakes, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, FL, Florida.

Outsmart Pest Management stands behind our work. We're proud to offer a 30-day warranty on most applications. You can put your trust in Outsmart Pest Management.


Why You Need Professional Rodent and Mice Extermination Services?

Mice, rats, and other rodents such as beavers enter your home in search of food. And once they come in, they make your home their habitat and start living and breeding there. Besides food destruction, they damage your property, leaving their feces around your home. All these things combined make your home environment contaminated and raise various health issues by keeping your and family’s well-being at risk. The most effective and quick way to make your home rodent-free is to hire a professional rodent and mouse exterminator service.

At Outsmart Pest Management, we offer customized plans for you according to your circumstances and provide the following services in Land O Lakes, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel FL, Florida.

  • Rat control and Rodent Trapping

  • Rodent Monitoring

There are pest control services that charge you sky-high prices, and even after paying a hefty amount for their services, you don’t get rid of rodents completely. But at Outsmart Pest Management, you don’t need to worry about both rodents and extravagant prices. We are a reliable pest management company, offering affordable rodent control services. If you are worrying about the rodent control service charges, forget it. We follow cost-effective methods and advance procedures to help you clear your residential or commercial space from rodents.

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Types of Traps:

  • Live Traps

  • Snap Traps

  • Glue Boards

  • Catch-Alls

  • Exterior Bait Boxes


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