Bedbugs are tiny pests but very dangerous. They cause discomfort and conditions such as insomnia, allergic reactions and psychological problems. The fact that the pests hide in small cracks make it quite difficult to get rid of them. To exterminate bedbugs, you need to know the different methods that you can apply. Some of the most popular methods include:


Before you start exterminating the bedbugs, you need to make the process easier by doing the following:
• Reduce the clutter to ensure that the inspection is easier.
• Dismantle the bed frames to expose the insects’ hideout areas.
• Remove all the drawers from the dressers and desks to make sure that no area is left without being checked.

After doing the above, you can start the extermination process with the following methods:
Sprays and Aerosols
This is the most common method used of getting rid of the bed bugs. The sprays and aerosols are quite inexpensive and easily available. When spraying, it is important that you do something thorough because if you take care of some parts of the house leaving the others, you may never be able to exterminate the pests. Before you spray, ensure that you undertake the pretreatment process to make your work easier.

Insecticidal Dusts
This contains silica powder or finely ground glass that causes the pests to dry out. It is recommended for places such as the crevices, cracks attics and wall voids and should not be applied on areas that humans and other domestic animals tread.

Cold Treatment
Studies suggest that bedbugs die within thirty minutes after being exposed to extreme temperatures. The most popular product used with this method is the Cryonite. The product is believed to freeze the fluid in the pests’ cells and cause instant death. The good thing about this product is that you can use it in hard to reach places such as crevices, it kills the pests in all their life stages, it can be used on any surface and it does not leave a messy residue.

In extremely severe infestation, fumigation is the best way to exterminate bed bugs. It could be an expensive method of getting rid of the pests but it is very effective as it kills bed bugs in all stages, can be applied in all areas of the room and it remains to be the best solution for severe infestation. However, as much as fumigation is an effective way of exterminating the pests, it is good to note that it is very toxic. You therefore need to very careful when carrying out the process.
The above are some of the best ways that you can adopt to get rid of bed bugs. They are not only effective but also reliable methods of exterminating the pests.

All the above mentioned ways are ok ways to torture yourself into believing you've irradicated the pests, and spending a fortune to hope you did it right.   But what you really need is for a professional Bed Bug Expert. Call us today to get your Free Estimate and let us take care of your Bed Bug Problems, once and for all...