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Mosquitoes cause irritation to humans and livestock and promote the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus. The piercing and sucking feeding action of the female is an annoyance to humans. Typically mosquito's will be attracted to warmth, dampness or moisture and an elevated level of carbon dioxide in the air.


Mosquitoes breed in standing water, for this reason alone Outsmart Pest recommends that you have a fountain in ponds and dams. Other sources of standing water can be the water trays on pot plants, low lying areas and swamps etc. In summer months their population can grow rapidly.


Mosquitoes are found throughout Florida, although different species will dominate in different parts of the area. Numbers are considerably higher around the wetter coastal areas.
Adult mosquitoes eat nectar and other plant juices. Only the female mosquito bites, requiring a blood meal before laying eggs.
Mosquitoes are not only a problem at dusk and during the night. Some species are day biters such as the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes aegypti) which carries Dengue Fever.
The high pitched sound you can hear when mosquitoes are near your head, is from the rapid beating of their wings.
Mosquitoes are known to carry a lot of serious (sometimes) fatal diseases. In Florida we have West Nile virus.
Several of the mosquito species found in Florida are capable of transmitting diseases to humans, horses, and other animals. 
Stop mosquitoes from living and multiplying around your home or business. Protect yourself from mosquito's bites and the diseases they carry.


Eggs: Eggs are laid in water singly or in "rafts" containing multiple eggs. The exact location will vary by species, but typically they are laid in stagnant or slow moving water.

Larvae: The larvae or "wrigglers" can often be seen in pools of water. They rest upside down with the "tail-end" of their body pointing through the water surface to breathe. They dive or wriggle away from the surface when disturbed.

Adults: Everyone could probably identify a mosquito, they are insects, part of the fly family. Their size depends on the species but they rarely exceed 1.5cm in length. Their mouthparts have been adopted to allow them to pierce skin and suck up blood.

In most parts of Florida the main mosquito season is during the warmer months, with invasion more likely a couple of weeks after heavy rain. In the tropical areas, mosquitoes can be a year round issue, although numbers are certainly higher in the warmer, wet season.


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